Exness’ latest Bangladesh webinars

Presenter: Christopher Tahir

Time:  15:30  (GMT+06:00)
Language:   English

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This latest series of webinars from Exness is an unmissable chance for you to learn about trading from an expert. Each session is designed to be as interactive as possible, giving handy explanations of the key practical skills you need to trade for real.

Christopher Tahir has more than 10 years of experience trading a wide range of financial instruments including CFDs. His key focus in educating new traders is on helping them to manage risk, which can potentially keep them in the market for longer and allowing their edge to show. Christopher is an enthusiastic advocate of keeping things simple where possible and using tried and tested strategies to manage risk and increase traders’ confidence.

  • Introduction to trading 1: 23 October, 15.30
  • This first webinar in Exness’ latest series introduces trading online: what it is, why people do it and how you can start. The session also explains the essential functions of popular platforms like opening, managing and closing trades. Tune in to discover the core of trading.

  • Introduction to forex 2: 30 October, 15.30
  • How do you know when you’re ready to start trading for real? Introduction to forex 2 follows on from the previous session and considers this important question. Register and join the webinar for evaluations of some of the most popular tools used by traders.

  • Commodity outlook: 6 November, 15.30
  • This session considers recent events in commodity markets, primarily gold and oil, looking at possibilities for the future and how traders can react to different developments. Tune in to develop your analytical skills and stay up to date on the latest news.

  • Managing risk, part one: 13 November, 15.30
  • Risk is an inseparable part of any type of investing or trading. For traders of CFDs though, there are many effective techniques to reduce its impact on your account. This webinar introduces managing risk and outlines some of the core concepts you need to understand before you can be confident enough to trade for real.

  • Managing risk, part two: 20 November, 15.30
  • Following on from the previous session introducing risk, this webinar investigates and debates one of the most important features of trading CFDs online: leverage. How to choose an appropriate ratio of leverage, and how to mitigate negative effects of leverage on your account while maximizing the advantages are critical skills for traders. Join this webinar to discover them for yourself!

  • Managing risk, part three: 27 November, 15.30
  • This webinar is the culmination of the segment of this series of webinars on managing risk. Join in to discover one of the most important aspects of risk management, the ratio of risk to reward. Used correctly, this ratio can help traders to reduce excessive losses while letting profitable trades run. Attend this session to find out how.

  • Introduction to trading systems: 4 December, 15.30
  • In this session, Christopher will explain the advantages of trading with a system instead of randomly. He’ll outline some techniques to develop an appropriate system and test it thoroughly. Join us for this session to find out how all your knowledge can fit together.

  • Trends, price action and indicators: 11 December, 15.30
  • Trading with trends is an inseparable part of many strategies, but to succeed it’s also important to find good places within trends to enter and exit. This webinar is designed to help you do just that: attend to get the lowdown on how price action and indicators can be used together to improve your likelihood of success.

  • Trading with moving averages: 18 December, 15.30
  • Pretty much every trader uses at least one moving average, but many beginners and intermediate traders have plenty of scope to improve the quality of the signals they receive from moving averages. Christopher will explain in this session how different settings and combinations of moving averages can take your technical analysis to the next level.

  • Backtesting: 25 December, 15.30
  • Before you apply any technique to manage risk in practice, it needs to be tested carefully and the results analysed. Join us for this webinar to make your trading more measured, rational and logical by learning how best to test your management of risk.

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