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Understand the Forex Market and Learn How to Trade Confidently

Presenter: Sunil Mangwani

Date: 23, 30 September, 2020
Language:   English

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This latest series of webinars from Exness is an unmissable chance for you to learn about trading from an expert.

Sunil Mangwani is the founder and CEO of, an institute that teaches traders clear and practical knowledge for trading the financial markets.
He has been trading & coaching traders for more than 18 years, sharing his knowledge at international trading conferences and expos. Sunil specializes in trading with price action & Fibonacci ratios, based on his vast experience and in-depth study of the financial markets.
Sunil conducts live workshops across the globe, teaching traders his personal patented trading techniques which incorporate ‘Money Management’ & the ‘Mind’ factor. His Personal Mentorship program has also benefited a large number of traders worldwide.
He now wants to share this experience exclusively with Exness clients in our latest webinar series.

Each session is designed to be as interactive as possible and give you all the information you need to trade with confidence.

  • Session 1: Understand the Forex Market: Look behind the charts & learn why most retail traders lose 23 September 2020, 17:00 – 18:00 IST (GMT+5.30)
  • The first webinar looks at the workings of the forex market. Understand the major participants, and learn the advantages and pitfalls that come with trading on the world’s largest financial market.
    By learning factors behind chart movements, you’ll gain an understanding of why many retail traders find it difficult to succeed.

  • Session 2: How to trade Forex confidently by aligning with professional traders 30 September 2020,15:00 – 16:00 IST (GMT+5.30)
  • This session looks at the strategies used by professional traders and gives tips on becoming a confident trader. To find out what these strategies are, sign up to join the webinar.

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